Bird Pest Control

Bird Management can be as perplexing as birds themselves, as each occurrence requires a thoughtful and informative approach. Bird droppings and bird nests can damage your property, create fire hazards, and dilute your company image, while exposing you and / or your co-workers and the general public to various diseases.

There are many non lethal, humane methods of excluding and repelling nuisance pest birds so your work environment stays safe and aesthetically appealing. Prime Pest Management partners with some of the nation's finest product suppliers and employees service professionals who are industry specific trained to ensure the right installation of the right solution.

A sound bird pest control program involves a thorough evaluation of the site and development of the right solution, which is then properly implemented by specifically trained service professionals.

A properly installed netting service will typically provide the best overall solution for controlling pest birds; however this also usually involves the largest investment.

All other bird pest control methods will normally reduce the population, but some birds may remain. Each consumer should evaluate their individual needs to determine the acceptable risks and what hazards are presented by the current bird population.

Also, clean up of bird droppings should be considered with any program as bird droppings are considered an environmental hazard by the EPA and should be handled with great care.


Bird Control Options


  • Physical Barriers

    • Needle Strips

    • Gels

    • Netting


    Sound Repellers

    • Quad Blaster

    • UltraxonX

    • BirdXpeller


    Taste Aversions

    • Bird Shield

    • Avitrol


    Visual Deterrents

    • Terror Eyes

    • Irri-Tate

    • BirdLite